Dolphin Coast 911 Introduction   Our key objective is to keep your  family safe by providing you with  easy to use access  to all the  Most Important Emergency  Services in your Area EMERGENCY CALL SERVICES IPSS MEDICAL RESCUE  IPSS Medical Rescue render 24HR  Advanced Life Support Medical Rescue  and Ambulance Services to communities.  We operate a modern fleet of ambulances  and rapid response vehicles as well as  various rescue units. FIRE BRIGADE DOLPHIN COAST  Local Fire authority, or simply fire service  providing predominantly emergency  firefighting and fire protection services  for the Community of Dolphin Coast LOCAL SECURITY SERVICES  Includes the top Security Services in the  Dolphin Coast Community IPSS SEA RESCUE DOLPHIN COAST   Services include ocean rescue prevention,  ocean rescue, emergency medical first  response, dispatched mobile patrol,  education, and injury prevention programs  related to ocean safety. LIFE GUARD SERVICES DOLPHIN  COAST  Services include ocean rescue prevention,  ocean rescue, emergency medical first  response, dispatched mobile patrol,  education, and injury prevention programs  related to ocean safety. TRAFFIC CONTROL DOLPHIN COAST  The Department of Transport is  responsible for regulation of  Transportation in South Africa, that is,  public transport, rail transportation,  civil aviation, shipping, freight and  motor vehicles. WATER EMERGENCY SERVICES  Sembcorp Siza Water (RF) (Pty) Ltd is the water  service provider to the former Dolphin Coast  Municipality and now part of the greater  iLembe District in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. KWADUKUZA ELECTRICAL EMERGENCIES  We are a government/public organisation. Our focus is on sustainable service delivery, socio-economic  development, infrastructural development, local and regional integration. SPCA DOLPHIN COAST  The Durban & Coast Society for the  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescues  abused and neglected domestic, farm  and wild animals. RAPTOR RESCUE UNIT  Raptor Rescue is a specialist bird of prey  rehabilitation unit treating orphaned, sick  or injured birds of prey throughout  KwaZulu-Natal. ANIMAL EMERGENCY SERVICES EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is a governmental organisation responsible for maintaining wildlife conservation areas  and biodiversity in KwaZulu-Natal SA POLICE SERVICES  The South African Police Service does not just investigate cases and do crime prevention, we  also provide a range of services and resources to our many partners and to the general public Register NOW
THE ONLY APP YOU'LL EVER NEED  No more searching endlessly for  Emergency Numbers. From Local  Emergency Services to Local  businesses. OUTSTANDING DESIGN  With clever design and easy  functionality, this app is designed  for everyone.. Even your 5 year old  would know how to use it. LOCATION FINDER  Should you find yourself in a place you are  not familiar with or need Emergency Services to find you; simply send your Location… EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS  Providing you with informative notifications  and feed that effects the immediate  Residents of your Area Notification  alerts include Traffic Alerts; Weather Alerts;  Event Alerts and more…  ​ YOUR ALL IN ONE COMMUNITY APP   Do you know who to contact in the event of an Emergency? This App is FREE to DOWNLOAD and FREE to use giving you that peace of mind knowing that HELP is now Just ONE Click Away! Register NOW Download App INSURING YOUR FAMILY  IS SAFE  NOT JUST SOME OF THE  TIME… BUT  ALL OF THE TIME…! OTHER EMERGENCY SERVICES PHARMACIES AND HEALTH SERVICES  Here you can view all the local Pharmacies and any other health services CHILD PROTECTION UNIT  Child Protection Unit, is a Child - Abuse  healthcare organisation AIDS HELPLINE  Help for people with HIV or at risk of  being infected MOUNTAIN RESCUE  Mountain Rescue provides an effective and  efficient volunteer search and rescue service  free of charge to those in need of assistance. EMERGENCY RESPONSE UNIT  An Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is a  team of trained technical specialists, ready  to be deployed at short notice, which uses  pre-packed sets of standardized equipment SNAKE CONTROL SERVICES  Snake Control: professional trapping  & removal services. Get rid of snake problems HEALTH & MEDICAL  Providing quick access to all the medical Practitioners and Health Services in your Area PREGNANCY CRISIS CENTRE  Our aim and passion is to reach out to  Women, regardless of age, race, income,  nationality, religion, disability, HIV status  or circumstances,  who are faced with a  crisis or unplanned pregnancy. RAPE CRISIS CENTRE  We have a vision of a South Africa in  which women are safe in their  communities, and where the criminal  justice system supports and empowers  rape survivors. CRIME BLOCK  This call centre can be contacted to  Anonymously  report criminal activities.  This number may not be used for police  emergencies. TOURIST PROTECTION UNIT  Should your require bodyguards for a  large group or a single body guard to  perform a more low key role our tourist  protection units are available to Assist.. LIFE LINE  Do you need someone to talk to? We  are available to listen if anything at all is  troubling you. Download App LOCAL SERVICES DO YOU KNOW WHO TO PHONE ? AUTO SERVICES &  REPAIR BREAKDOWN & PANELBEATER  SERVICES LOCAL ACTIVITIES BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES CLEANING SERVICES CARPENTRY & DECK SERVICES EDUCATIONAL & SCHOOLING SERVICES ELECTRICAL & ELECTRICIAN  SERVICES FENCING SERVICES FLOORING & PAVING SERVICES GARAGE DOOR SERVICES GARDEN & LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE GAS SERVICES HEALTH & BEAUTY SERVICES HEALTH & MEDICAL SERVICES HEATING & COOLING SERVICES AUTO SERVICES & REPAIR HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICES HOSPITALITY SERVICES LEGAL AID | TAX ATTORNEYS & ACCOUNTING SERVICES INSURANCE SERVICES LOCKSMITHS & SAFETY POOL MAINTENANCE & POOL  SERVICES PLUMBER SERVICES PAINTING SERVICES PHARMACIES & HEALTH STORES SECURITY SERVICES TECHNICAL SUPPORT STEEL WORKS & WELDING SERVICES TREEFELLERS PEST CONTROL SERVICES REAL ESTATE AGENCIES REFUSE & WASTE COLLECTION SERVICES RESTAURANT & CATERING  SERVICES WHY LIST YOUR BUSINESS? MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS
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In this section of the App you will gain Access to all the most important Emergency Services in Dolphin Coast! In this section of the App you will gain Access to all the most important Help & Crisis Helplines in Dolphin Coast In this section of the App you will gain Access to all the most Trusted Service Providers in Dolphin Coast! IT ALL STARTS WITH A VISION…
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